We’re improving the way we provide mental health care services across the boroughs of Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham and Hounslow, so that they're easier to access, better connected to the community and designed to meet individual needs.

Teams made up of different professionals with a wide range of skills focus on supporting mental health, while giving equal emphasis to physical health and social care – that is, integrating these into a single approach.

We’re proud to be among the trusts at the forefront of developing and delivering this new model of community-based mental health care. We've called it MINT which stands for mental health integrated network teams.

MINT team names and primary care network coverage

MINT Map diagram_5 Mar 2021.jpg

What does this mean for communities and access to care?
  • Quicker access to care and advice from both MINT and our partner organisations.
  • Linking with community resources to support people in the place that suits them.
  • Support for communities to improve health and wellbeing.
  • Proactive engagement with local diverse groups to improve our understanding of persisting barriers to accessing care and how we can work together to address these inequalities.
  • Closer working relationship with GPs, local authorities and voluntary sector partners to provide seamless care.
  • Easy access to services, whatever the diagnosis or complexity. 

As part of delivering the NHS Long Term Plan, we’re developing and delivering new community-based mental health services for adults with a range of mental health difficulties, working with staff, patients and a wide range of partners. These services will provide care which is more integrated and will work much more closely with GPs to ensure that a person’s care journey is quicker and easier to navigate.

These services are being rolled out across Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham and Hounslow by new teams called Mental health integrated network teams (MINT).  

We want our services to be better joined up with other local organisations and easier for people to access.

Many people who use our services have social care and physical needs as well as those for their mental health. Our focus is to provide therapy and support for mental health, while giving equal emphasis to social and physical health needs to deliver better outcomes from mental health treatment.

We’re also working closely with our community-based voluntary and charity sector partners who support people in their communities on a longer term basis.

We continue to work with people with longer term and complex needs, with care co-ordination and support for statutory and social care needs. Services such as Improving Access to Psychological Services (IAPT), Early Intervention Psychosis (EIP), and other specialist services continue and are expanding to support a greater number of people. The new teams (MINT) work closely with local partners to ensure care is delivered by the most appropriate services. 

The new teams (MINT) align with local primary care networks which are groups of GP practices working together in a local area). Services can be accessed via a GP or other partner organisations.

Social services and other health teams are also organising themselves in the same way around these primary care networks to improve timely care and support. The aim is for the Trust’s Single Point of Access (SPA) and crisis services to work more closely to care for those who are in crisis and need urgent support. MINT will work closely with them to ensure timely access to care is also available for those needing a rapid but non-emergency response. 

The most important change which MINT delivers is the wider range of psychological, social, occupational and vocational interventions available to people.

Our collaboration with partner organisations means that you may also be encouraged to get involved with community or faith groups, employment and social care organisations and activities such as yoga, mindfulness and social groups.

For those accessing services, this will mean:

  • Fewer assessments, with simpler, faster access to treatment
  • A wider range of services and support delivered by a team with a range of professional skills
  • A tailored care plan delivered by a dedicated team member
  • Care that integrates social and physical needs
  • A community led approach to care that helps reduce inequality of access to services
  • Improved outcomes from a timely and comprehensive service offer.

The MINT teams align with local primary care networks and can be accessed via a GP or other mental health services without the need for multiple assessments. Treatment can start quickly and will include access to community, voluntary and social enterprise groups.


PCNs covered

MINT Team Manager

H&F North

North H&F

Rachel Cummins


H&F Central

H&F Partnership

H&F Central

Jennifer Riley


H&F South

South Fulham

Babylon GP@hand

Darryl Taylor


Ealing West

North Southall

South Southall

Craig Ballantyne


Ealing North




Daniel Stockwell


Ealing Acton


Ealing Network

South Central Ealing

William Bailhache


Hounslow West


Patricia Ndebele


Hounslow Central


Heart of Hounslow

Great West Road 

Ade Omomo-Rashed


Hounslow East


Brentford & Isleworth

Lorna Wynter