The Hounslow Wellbeing Network is a social network that connects people, organisations and services to help reduce stigma and mental illness.

We welcome those who are experiencing difficult times and those on a journey of personal recovery. Our aim is to combat social isolation, loneliness, depression and anxiety and improve the health and wellbeing of local residents.

We’re a social network, co-produced and co-designed by Hounslow residents, and is made up of local people, friends, families, carers and professionals living and working in the borough.

Some people may have experienced difficulties with physical or mental health. Others may feel that this supportive and social environment contributes to their life and helps them to develop their social network. 

Please note: The Hounslow Wellbeing Network has moved and will continue at the Arts Centre in the Treaty Centre. There will be a weekly 'Let’s Connect' meeting every Thursday from 11am to 1pm and activities will continue to be posted on this page for members and the public to join. 

See what's coming up here.