The children's audiology service provides hearing assessments, routine checks, and follow-up services for children aged 7 months to 18 years who live in Ealing. Audiology helps to identify and assess hearing function and associated disorders. 

The service is part of the Ealing Service for Children with Additional Needs (ESCAN) which brings together health, social care and educational services for children.

The audiology service provides:

  • Routine checks
  • Hearing assessments
  • Follow-up services.

We also offer a hearing screening service to all reception children who go to school in the borough of Ealing.

This service is for all children who need a hearing assessment or routine test as referred by any of the following:

  • Community nursery nurse
  • Child development team or universal screening services (at birth and in reception)
  • GP
  • Health visitor
  • Speech and language therapist.

Hearing aids

We don’t deal with hearing aids or any system aimed to improve hearing. These cases are referred to the audiology service at the Children’s Hearing Clinic in Hounslow.

This service is provided by Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare Trust

Children can be referred to the service and assessed if:

  • They have an Ealing GP and live in Ealing or within 1 mile of the borough
  • There are concerns about their hearing
  • They’ve been referred by ear, nose and throat (ENT) team for hearing tests before or after surgery.

Referral process

  • Referrals are triaged by the senior audiologists in the service
  • Once a referral has been received, it’s registered and you’ll be sent a letter with the time and place for an appointment
  • Children will be referred on to other services as necessary, for example, Ear Nose & Throat (ENT), speech therapy, or child development.

If your child has reached the age of 18 and still needs their hearing to be monitored, a letter will be sent to your GP for a referral to the adult audiology service.