The team provides community nursing and continuing care for children aged between 0 and 18 years old, who are resident in the borough of Ealing and registered with an Ealing GP. 

We provide support to children in their own community, whether this is at home, nursery, school or post 16 provision. Care may also be given at local community sites, such as a GP practice or local hospital. Home visits will be made by appointment and we’ll make every effort to reach a suitable and mutually agreed time with families.

The service provides care based on individual needs for children and young people in their own homes, schools or other care settings. Care may include:

  • Supported self-care
  • Disease specific
  • Generalist
  • Specialist
  • Palliative care
  • Nursing
  • Continued care.

Nursing care is provided to children and families who need:

  • Acute short term interventions
  • Support with complex healthcare needs
  • Support with palliative and end-of-life care, or
  • Advice about management of care (aimed at parents, carers and patients).

For example, we:

  • Help your child come home from hospital as soon as they’re well enough
  • Help to keep your child well so that they don't need to be re-admitted to hospital
  • Offer nursing support and education to you and your child in the community, whether that's at nursery, school, play schemes, or in your home
  • Work closely with schools and the local authority to help your child access education and leisure activities.

The team aims to work in a partnership in care model, so we encourage active partnerships with parents. The team consults with families and children (in a way that’s age appropriate) in the decisions about and plans for care. We’ll provide relevant information, with the chance to ask questions.

We recognise that each child as an individual: the care we give will be on an individual basis to meet their needs and those of their family. We’ll also take into consideration any cultural, ethnic, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

With the interest of the child and family at the centre, the team will work with other organisations and agencies to provide shared care where necessary. We’ll ask for your consent to share information with other professionals involved in your child’s care.

  • Asthma
  • Children who need oxygen at home
  • Central venous catheter care and management
  • Diabetes (ages 0 to 19 years old)
  • Domiciliary sleep studies
  • Eczema care and management
  • Epilepsy
  • Gastrostomy care
  • Haemoglobinopathies
  • Intravenous administration of antibiotics and other medications
  • Nasogastric tube and jejunal tube care and management
  • Tracheostomy care and management
  • Wound management.

We also care for children who have complex health needs, such as cancer and blood disorders.

We also:

  • Teach, train and empower parents, carers and voluntary agencies to be confident in how they care for the child.  
  • Provide physical and psychological support to parents/carers
  • Help parents/carers understand how they can receive the best possible care for their child through contact with the relevant agencies and our team.

We accept referrals from:

  • GPs
  • Health professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Social care
  • Hospitals.

Referral forms should be sent to