Our team of physiotherapists aims to improve your strength, mobility and independence, enabling you to understand and better manage your condition. As well as treating a specific injury or illness, we also assess and identify ways to help improve your general wellbeing and quality of life.

We make sure you receive the most appropriate care near your home.

Helping yourself before your appointment

It’s important to stay active. Exercise is used to manage most musculoskeletal problems and to restore function as the inflammation and pain settles.

  • Telephone assessments
  • Specialist musculoskeletal (MSK) assessments
  • Onward referrals to secondary care services, where appropriate
  • Radiological and pathological investigations
  • Peripheral joint injections, which can reduce pain and inflammation at joints that are not part of the spine, like the knee, ankle and shoulder
  • Caudal epidurals. These are injections at the caudal or tailbone region of the lower back to treat pain in the lower back and legs
  • Physiotherapy and exercise therapy  
  • Exercise classes, including spinal rehabilitation, lower limb, shoulder and back to fitness classes.

Referral information for GPs

To refer a patient, please email your referral to us at


We also offer self-referral, guided by a GP. 

Can a patient self-refer for an urgent appointment? 

No. Patients can only self-refer for routine appointments after consultation and agreement with their GP. If your patient meets our criteria for urgent referral, please refer them as usual.

What is the read code to be added into the notes of the GP consultation? 

Please use the code XaXBF in your patient record.

We’re not a SystmOne practice – can our patients self-refer? 

Currently, if you don't use SystmOne, your patients won't be able to self-refer. This is because, at the moment, our self-referral process needs us to access your patient's electronic record, so that we can see the consultation date and confirm that the read code has been entered.

However, our providers are working on a solution which would allow us to view EMIS through SystmOne, which we hope will overcome this problem in the future.

What if my patient does not consent to share their electronic record with you? 

In this case, the patient can’t self-refer, so you must refer them yourself as usual.

Will self-referral patients be seen more quickly than when a referral is sent via email? 

No. All our routine physiotherapy patients are seen in waiting list order.