Our neurological rehabilitation team (ENABLE) provides specialist neurological therapy including early supported discharge for stroke, multiple sclerosis nursing care, and social care for people who’ve been diagnosed with a neurological condition. We also provide therapy services

Our team includes:

  • A physiotherapist
  • An occupational therapist
  • A speech and language therapist
  • A multiple sclerosis nurse
  • A social worker.

We also work closely with the psychological medicine service to provide psychological and emotional support.

We specialise in:

  • Rehabilitation to help you regain skills and become independent after you’ve been unwell
  • Providing you with home exercise programmes
  • Offering advice on having an active lifestyle, where possible
  • Providing you with appropriate equipment and keeping you informed about using it safely
  • Assessing your home for minor or major adaptations
  • Providing advice on managing fatigue
  • Developing specialist vocational, work retention and returning to work programmes, or supporting you to take part in other activities that are important to you
  • Assessing and treating you for communication and swallowing problems
  • Offering psychological support
  • Assessments and rehabilitation for any difficulties you might have with cognition
  • Providing specialist nursing care
  • Providing specialist social care management, including advice on changing your care package (where this is appropriate), providing information about or putting you in contact with people who can advise you about benefits, rehousing and access to respite care
  • Providing support, education and advice to your family and carers, if they need help in supporting you with your neurological condition.